history of my audio projects

Here is a list of my main audio projects:

Year Project Platform
2016 Launch of the new site www.Pyratone.de
2016 Programmable Real Time Audio Visualizer for Video Art Terasic Cyclone 4
  USB-MIDI for DRUMMIX Drum Computer Zynq (planned)
  A programable Audio Signal Visualizer with Artix 7 - FPGA AC701 - Artix 7
  A Graphic Audio Signal Visualizer with FPGAs Digilent Nexys Video, DDR
2015 A Drum Computer in VHDL with Artix 7 FPGA Trenz Artix 7 - Eval System
2014 A Drum Computer in VHDL with Cyclone 4 FPGA Terasic Cyclone 4 Evaluation Board
2013 A Drum Computer in VHDL with Spartan6 FPGA Trenz Spartan 6
Terasic Cyclone 4 Evaluation Board
  1024 step rotary encoder with optical feedback for MIDI und Audio self built
  Graphical Visualization of digital Audio Signals VHDL , Spartan 6
2012 24 Bit 384kHz DAW, 8192 polyphonic voices synthesizer Terasic Cyclone 4 Evaluation Board
  Audio Fire MIDI-Controller self built
  200MHz-Signal Analyser for S/PDIF Cyclone 4 base baord + ADC
2011 24 Bit 192kHz DAW with 1024 voices synthesizer Terasic Cyclone 3 Embedded Development Kit
Hi-Quality Audio Spectrum Analyzer using dedicated music frequencies VHDL, Spartan 6, Cyclone 4
  Graphical Visualization of Analog Audio Signals VHDL , Cyclone IV
  Pyratone Sound Synthesizer Version III VHDL, Cyclone4 FPGA
  Synchronous Realtime Resampler Module for rythmic audio synthesis VHDL
  Dynamic virtual wave table synthesis on a Cyclone IV FPGA HDL, Cyclone4 FPGA
2010 Guitar Effect Device with built in player VHDL
  Reverb Module in VHDL VHDL
  Virtual MIDI-console for Roland JP 8080 self built PC-GUI, S3 FPGA
  Virtual MIDI-console for Quasimidi Polymorph self built PC-GUI, S3 FPGA
2009 concept for a scalable audio DSP platform in VHDL for multiple FPGAs VHDL
  Pyratone Sound Synthesizer Version II in Cyclone FPGA VHDL, Cyclone3 FPGA
  Enhanced Real Time Audio Pitch Shifting VHDL
  Optimized Noise Generator in VHDL VHDL , Cyclone 3
  Graphical Equalizer on a Cyclone 3 FPGA VHDL, Cyclone 3
2008 optimized smoothed frequency shifting with sub sample delay VHDL, PLD, FPGA
  Graphical Audio Output on TFT VHDL , Cyclone III, NIOS, C
  15 channel MIDI controller with fast S/PDIF data connection self built for S3-FPGA
  Virtual MIDI-console for Microwave XT self built, S3 FPGA
  Asynchronous Realtime Resampler Module for Audio Synthesis VHDL
  Audio Processor System with Altera Cyclone FPGA VHDL
  Test Sound Generation Circuit for 100 Volt systems  
  Audio-Music Workstation with 1024 voices polyphonic synthesizer NEEK embedd KIT Cyclone III
  An extended Magnetic Hysteresis Model in VHDL VHDL
  Test Signal Generator for Audio Applications in VHDL NEEK embedd KIT Cyclone III
  A virtual wave table synthesis module with VA oscillators VHDL
  Class-D amplifier with PAM-PDM-modulation Cyclone II, VHDL, Eagle
2007 Dynamic Multi Band Compressor in VHDL with a Altera Cyclone FPGA VHDL, C3 FPGA
  Dynamic Reverb and Delay Algorithm in VHDL VHDL for any FPGA
  A Virtual Piano in a FPGA using physical modeling for sound synthesis VHDL for any FPGA
  A digital predistortion module for power amplifiers VHDL for any FPGA
  A programmable Virtual Analog Organ with Spartan3E-FPGA Digilent Spartan 3E eval Kit
  A program to synthesize residue diffusors Excel
  QR-Diffusers in 2D Cinema 4D, Excel
  Alternating Binary Frequency Diffusers Cinema 4D
  Pyratone - Sound Synthesizer Version II VHDL, Spartan FPGA
  Extended Karplus-Strong Algorithm for Sound-Synthesis VHDL - Gleichmann Cyclone II
  Resampler Module for Wave Synthesis VHDL
2006 A Virtual Analog Organ with Spartan3E-FPGA Digilent Spartan 3E eval Kit
  Emulation of a SID with the Virtual Organ with DDS Synthesis Xilinx S3E
  24 Bit 96kHz Audio MIDI Music Workstation in VHDL Altera Cyclone II Platform
  Wave Table Synthesis based on DDS in VHDL VHDL, Gleichmann Cyclone II
  24 Bit 96kHz Audio MIDI Workstation in VHDL for Spartan3E FPGA Digilent Spartan 3E Kit
  Convolution Reverb with Impulse Responses VHDL
  Analog-Digital-Converter using switchable FPGA-IOs VHDL, PDM-Generator
  NIOS-Implementation of the VA-Synth VHDL, Gleichmann Cyclone II
  Pulse Generator with programable slope for FPGAs VHDL, Spartan 3E
  High precision low jitter resampler for 44,1kHz to 96kHz VHDL, Spartan 3E
  Graphic Spectrum Analyzer in VHDL for FPGAs VHDL, Gleichmann Altera Cyclone II
  Stereo Audio-to-MIDI converter in VHDL self built electronics + VHDL
  Alternating Prime Number Diffusers Cinema 4D
  32-channel Audio-MIDI-Controller Mechanical
  A Magnetic Saturation Model in VHDL Digilent Spartan 3E evaluation Kit
  Extended-FM-Synthesizer in VHDL for FPGAs VHDL, Gleichmann Altera Cyclone II
  Additive Sound Synthesis Module in VHDL VHDL
  Guitar Distortion Algorithm for FPGAs VHDL
2005 Multiband Compressor in VHDL with Cyclone FPGA VHDL , S3 Platform
  Reverb and Delay Algorithm in VHDL VHDL
  Real Time Pitch Shifter Module VHDL
  Pseudo Analog Synthesizer with self oscillating circuit for music synthesis PLD, Cyclone II FPGA
  Acoustic Diffusion using Reverb Algorithms and Loudspeakers Sound Art Hot Chameleon
  Virtual Piano in VHDL based on physical modeling synthesis VHDL
  Concept for Diffusers based on cubic equations EXCEL
  Analog Modelling Ladder-Filter in VHDL VHDL
  Precision Audio FIR-Filter in VHDL VHDL
  Noise Generator in VHDL VHDL, Cyclone II, Gleichmann-Kit
  R2R-based signal generator VHDL, EAGLE
  MIDI-Matrix-Router for 32x32 channels VHDL, EAGLE
  Parametric Hysteresis Models C, HDL
2004 PLD-based ADC using PDM-Modulation VHDL, Spartan 3 platform
  Guitar Distortion Algorithm with tube modeling in VHDL VHDL
  real time Audio to MIDI converter concept for FPGAs VHDL
  Audio DSP with FPGA - 96kHz Stereo Audio Processor System self built Spartan 2 platform
  Universal DSP-module with Virtual Analog Synthesizer in VHDL VHDL
  Frequency shifting with sub sample time delay insertion VHDL
  A triple loop Waveguide Oscillator for String-Sound-Synthesis VHDL
  A high precision low jitter audio resampler for 44,1kHz to 48kHz VHDL
  Virtual Analog Synthesizer in VHDL based on virtual modeling synthesis VHDL
  16 channel MIDI controller with 230kbps serial interface self built
  Audio-to-MIDI transformation in a FPGA self built ADC + VHDL
  Concept for diffusers made for more than one frequency EXCEL
  Yamaha-OPL-FM-Synthesizer in a FPGA VHDL
  MIDI-Switch-Matrix for 32-to-32 channels VHDL, EAGLE
  Parametric Saturation Waves C, HDL
  Optimized sine wave generation in digital systems C, HDL
2003 Push-Pull-Audio Stereo AMP  
  MIDI over S/PDIF and ADAT-like musical high speed interface HDL , PLD
  Emulation of a SID with a PLD-based organ and DDS Synthesis Xilinx XC4000 / fully digital digital
  A universal DSP-Architecture for audio processing in C-Language Sound Art Hot Chameleon, DSP 56303
  A modular electronic organ with 2 keyboards based on PLDs self built XC4000 mixed analog / digital
  PWM - Pulse Width Modulation for one 1 Bit digital output PLD
  Alternating Prime Number Diffusers Cinema 4D
  Optimized QRD-Diffusers Cinema 4D
2003 Launch of the new site 96khz.org www.96kHz.org
  List of projects from the former website before year 2003 MOVED

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