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an enhanced real time magnetic hysteresis model
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A VHDL-version of my magnetic hysteresis model is used to calculate saturation and storage effects known from ferromagnetic materials in realtime and thus emulate tape saturation and frequency damping when processing audio signals in real time. Nearly all types of effects like Barkhausen, Bloch wall movement and the complex frequency behaviour can be modelled. This way transformer designs used in analog audio paths can be emulated very effectivly. The model operates with a moderate nuber of resources and is suitable for frequencies close to 1MHz having full coverage of the typical effects. The deviation from the measured behavior of classical ferromagnetic materials is less than 2%.

Real time Magnetic Hysteresis Model in VHDL - Jürgen Schuhmacher 2008
Dynamic B-H curve with real saturation and full frequency dependence

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Magnetic Hysteresis Modelling

Spartan 3E


96 kHz
Audio DSP


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