advanced audio recording
Dear friends of digital audio recording,

due to recent changes in the European law regarding the production of technical devices like electronics, I decided not to put my device to market, unless the situation is totally clarified.

Currently, I do not expect this system to be completed in the near future - sorry for this. There are many obstacles in an engineers way to found a company a bring electronics to market here in Germany.

Another reason is the general financial risk. Unfortunately, I cannot spend so much time on a platform, when there is only a small chance for payback.

But things might change, however  ...


Jürgen, July 2004


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  4 mic inputs + preamps  
4 line inputs
8 ADCs @ 192 kHz / 24 Bit
true 20 Bit analoge accuracy
2 x 2 digital inputs
S/PDIF optical / coax
4 digital int return
16 x 8 channel route matrix
4 digital aux send
4 digital direct out mics
4 digital direct out line
4 digital bus out
4 digital synch out
word clock in / out 
full analog bus mix function
8 x analoge out line 
8 high prec DACs @ 20 Bit
physical oversampling
64 pipelined serial EQs 
16 pipelined Compressors
4 parallel multi band compressors
1 parallel master compressor
8 individual channel delays 2.55ms
reverb ram 65.535us @ 64ksps

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