advanced audio production
FPGA-based C64 SID emulation
  This is a special setup of my DDS-based sound generation used in my VPLD-ORGAN.
It emulates the function of the famous SID in the Commodore 64.

Unlike in the first version SID-Emulation the sound here is triggered by an internal Player
using a reduced set of MIDI commands. It totally replaces the keyboard and plays automatically.
Altogther 2 channels with 3/4 voices each can be used in FPGA one module.

The fundamental waves are SINE, SQUARE and TRIANGLE, SAWTOOTH and NOISE.
Special Filtering for analog behaviour is included too to tweak the sound.

Also an enhanced version of the distortion module is integrated

Virtual R2R- Digital-to-Analog Conversion is used to make use of the PDM-function.

PLD organ SID organ
Clock Frequency 25 MHz 25 MHz
Master Tones 12 12
Octaves 6 6
Tones 72 72
Keyboard 72  
Tuning balanced / pure balanced
Wave Forms 4 4
Phase Reso 8 Bits 10 Bits
Amplitude Reso 8 Bits 8 Bits
AD - Conversion real R2R virtual
DAC OUT 12 Bits 1 Bit PDM
Octaves 6 6
Registers 2 2
Modules 18 2

Listen to a remake of an an old video game track: DingDing86

Listen to a file with the former Version: SID-Sound Example

See the FPGA-platform for details:

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Digital 4 Bit Tone Generation Module

electronic MOSTEC SID emulation with FPGA
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