advanced audio recording
Realtime audio resampler with Cyclone 4
  Cyclone IV


sample rates

Base Hardware Unit

Altera Cyclone IV + ADC/DAC board

Altera DE-115 board für audio dsp workstation with 16384 voices

The Altera Cyclone 4 DE2-115 from Terasic is used to implement a high resolution sample rate converter for real time audio play back at any desired sample rate. The material stored in block ram and can be continously sampled at any given audio frequency. Thus it is possible to tune audio material to slightly differing audio streams in real time-

FPGA Design

FPGA based Real Time Audio Player and Resampler

The analog audio is upsampled to 768 kHz for highest precision during playback.

For special operation even clock resampling can performed with the multi rate clock resampler.

Get the VHDL code here: sp_2011_os.zip

Click here to see the former version of the Sample Player

Click here to see the pitch shift application using the resampler



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