advanced audio recording
a real time cross clock domain audio resampler



Realtime Audio Pitching Module

Audio Resampler and Pitcher

g this dynamically it is possible to change a given clock frequency by only a small percentages.

With this circuit is it possible to process an incoming audio data stream that way that the included frequencies are analyses and stored as a dynamic profile in a set of RAMS. Afterwards the RAM is accesses by a second frequency domain and resynthesized performing a special combination of smoothing and overlapping. The method is a bit simular to granular synthesis thenique but has some enhancements. Also the formant profile can be extracted and applied to the outgoing data stream.

Using digital up conversion with enhanced filtering techniques very low distortion to the signal is added.Resampling can also be performed beyond clock domain boundaries using the dynamic resampler module (read here) if necessary. Read more details about the function of the circuit in the article about the Pitching Module.

Full Synchronized

96 kHz
96 kHz
Audio DSP


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