history of my audio projects

Here is a list of my main audio projects:

  See the new page for newer projects :

Audio Projects after 2003
2003 Launch of the new site 96kHz.org www.96kHz.org
2002 Concept of lowering Reflections in Recording Studios by Echo Cancelling DSP 56302
  A digital noise generator for PLA, PAL, PLDs PLD
  A Guitar Distortion Algorithm in C and ASM TI TMS 320, C, ASM
  Generation of optimized sine waves with direct digital synthesis (DDS) DSP 56301
  Sound Source Localization Method using DSPs Decca Mic Setup, DSP TMS 320
  Generation of music waves using wave guiding TMS 320 DSP
  Digital wave predistortion DSPs TMS 320 DSP
  R2R-DAC precision enhancement PLD, DSP
  Sound Enhancement by generation of harmonics from a sine wave TMS 320 DSP
  Simple window equations for low DSP-usage TMS 320 DSP
  Virtual Analog Sound Synthesis by DSP based Physical Modeling TMS 320 DSP
  15 channel DIY MIDI controller for KORG i300 self built
  Analog Oscillators replaced by Digital Circuits TMS 320 DSP
2001 An analog electronic organ based on direct digital sound synthesis self built, Spartan PLD
  A sound generation circuit in a PLD self built, PLD
  Quasi analog sound synthesis using self oscillating circuit in a PLD self built, PLD
  Sine Wave Generation in Digital Systems like MCUs and DSPs or PLDs C, ASM
  Program to convert Audio to MIDI with a Digital Signal Processor TI TMS 320 DSP
  PCGH Sound fuer Profis internet newspaper article
  Loudspeaker Concepts internet newspaper article
2000 Audio-to-MIDI transformation in C TI TMS 320 DSP
  Capacitive keyboard for music applications TI TMS 320 DSP + EAGLE 3.5
1998 Stereo-Monitor-Control-System TI TMS 320 DSP
  Stereo-Reflection-Reduction-System TI TMS 320 DSP
1997 Reflection-Reduction-System DSP 56301
1987 GuitAmp, a guitar effect device for a guitar player Analog Electronic
1984 C64-Synthesizer Commodore C64, 6810-Assembler
1983 VC-20-Synthesizer Commodore VC-20, 6502-Assembler
1982  CTone Generator with Comodore VC-20 (SID Chip) Commodore C64 + Basic
1981 VC20-Synthesizer with R2R-DAC Commodore VC20 + R2R

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