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Digital predistortion for power amplifiers in VHDL
16 Bit

An impuls response reverb module in VHDL for predistortion in FPGA

Here, a special algorithm is presented that can compensate for the nonlinear behavior of transformers, solenoids, and other nonlinear components. Especially power audio amplifiers suffer from such distortions, which are characterized by the appearance of new components in the harmonic spectrum. To compensate for these nonlinearities in the signal chain, the NLPD method is a worthwhile approach.

The algorithm is based on formerly done messurements and equation optimization.

The method presented here introduces an automatic control of the equalization and is a further development of the static version. See Pre Distortion Algorithm

Unlike the DSP-approach this system is running in an FPGA giving the option to optimize the equation in real time.

96 kHz
Audio DSP


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