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MIDI Mixer Matrix

To transport data with low latency a 16MHz bus mixer is implemented in the workstation. To mix from outside the workstation a 32 input / output MIDI board was created performing with 200 MBit of bandwidth and transports data  with only low latency.

The mixer is the same wich already was used in the S/PDIF Mix Matrix.

32 x 32 channel - mixer:

FPGA MIDI Switch Matrix 32x32

The FPGA can easily handle 32x32 virtual MIDI channels and route them from and to any source and destination nearly no latency. To handle 2x2 times the mixer's capabilities, 16 sub mixers are used running on 16 MHz each. Thus 8x8 x n paths operate at 31,250bps.

4  classic MIDI channels can be grouped together and mixed into one S/PDIF channel.
2 outputs are possible by using a 32 x 2 word input buffer.

32 channel - IO - PCB:

FPGA MIDI Switch Matrix 32x32 PCB

The Design has been done with CadSoft - EAGLE 4.1. The FPGA is a current Spartan II from Xilinx.

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Enhanced MIDI protocol for higher transmission rates and lower latency

full transmission
of all channels
one clock cycle

8 Bits

32 x 32 channels
96 kHz
Audio DSP


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