advanced audio recording

A virtual analog filter module for the Audio-DSP in VHDL
  Filter Module

24 Bit

ladder filter simulation with pSPICE - A Moog Filter in an FPGA

A ladder filter similar to classical MOOG-filters is built in VHDL to be integrated into the workstation. Therefore the analog behaviour is investigated in order to emulate non ideal effects. This includes noise, non linearity of the transistors, heating effects, capacitance non linearity, saturation effects and PCB effects like cross talk and wire resistance / capacity against GND. Also capacity of the pins are modelled. The circuit is described using standard components and C-language like equations, formerly created to be placed into the ABM-blocks in pSPICE. They were transformed into a pipeline model in VHDL for FPGAs.

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Analog Example

96 kHz
Audio DSP


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