Pyratone II - A virtual analog synthesizer

(c) 2007 Jürgen Schuhmacher



This project intends to create a fully working studio device from my FPGA Music Workstation.



Pyratone 2 - Audio Project

Altera Quartus Cyclone II Audio Synthesizer

Block Diagram of the Synthesizer

Hardware Details




Design view of the device

Pyratone II - Rack Synthesizer with Virtual Analog Sound Synthesis

Cinema 4D Design of the Version 2 of the Rack VA-Synthesizer.

The new version will have two more rotary encoders.


The FPGA Design is done with Quartus II.  The Signal Processing is fully digital. No analog outputs anymore.


Internal View

Pyratone II

The FPGA-Base Board with Power Supply. Again and unlike planned, no display was used. Instead VGA-monitoring applies.


See also the former Version with a Spartan 3E FPGA:  Pyratone I


J S. 2007