advanced audio processing
programmable real time audio visualizer





 This project intends to realize an universal video effect device by making my graphical visualizer fully programmable.

Base Hardware Units

Digilent Nexys Video with Xilinx Artix 7

FPGA based audio visualization

The Nexys Video board is used to implement a graphical visualization of the incoming digital audio stream. The board analyzes the audio data from either S/PDIF or 3MBit-UART. Mouse and keyboard control is available too. The Audio is converted to MIDI-like information using my ultrafast audio2midi transformation algorithm. Various information from up to 8 audio channels channels are extracted in order to control the parameters of the visualizer.

Graphical Output

FPGA based render graphic for audio animation
residues of error functions

Graphical Audio Visualizer
- Altera Version

FPGA based render graphic for  audio animation
First approach of real time audio visualization with NIOS

The system was able to render between 10 to 20 simple frames in real time. The VGA interface with dithering is used to generate a HD-like signal of 1920x1080 resolution with a refresh rate of either 50Hz or 60Hz. Also 1600x1200 resolution is possible. The smaller format of SXVGA 1280x1024 can be run up to 120Hz.

See my VGA-Core project at

Unlike I did it in the former version, the analysis is not performed by a FFT, but a discrete transformation of selected frequencies using optimized adjustable filters, which is more precise and reacts quicker on level changes. The audio data is thus used to create visual effects in real time.

See a Youtube Video here dynamic error calculation

Fractal Graphic Output

FPGA real time rendering - fractal like structures
a fractal algorithm treated with a high pass / edge detection

click here to see the former version of the visualizer



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