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Audio to MIDI converter with FPGA in VHDL




An audio to MIDI - Converter Design (Block Diagram)

audio to midi converter with FPGA - Jürgen Schuhmacher 2004

This design in VHDL for PLDs and FPGAs converts one channel of audio data in real time into MIDI-like tone information using MIDI2000 protocole to fit well into the Audio-DSP-Workstation. By analyzing the incoming audio stream with a small DFT-like algorithm, the dominating frequency is detected by ignoring harmonics. The corresponding MIDI tone number is discovered using a frequency table. Deviation of the given note's frequency is detected too and transmitted as a vibrato controller code. Also some others MIDI-CTRL commands are derived from the audio

This design is based on an idea, formerly realized for DSP-Systems in C-language and had been changed to VHDL for a modern Spartan 2 FPGA.

See the former article for more details.
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