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graphical audio visualization with Cyclone 3
  Cyclone III


sample rates




96kHz 192kHz

Audio DSP

This project intends to realize graphical visualization of audio signals with the new embedded KIT of Altera cyclone III using parts of the embedded audio analysis and TFT-video demos available from the ALTERA tour 2008.

Base Hardware Unit

Altera Cyclone III Neek embedded Kit

Altera Neek embedded Kit used for audio visualisation

The Altera Cyclone III from Terasic is used to implement a graphical visualization of the synthesized audio. The signals can be viewed either on the common video output as well as on the TFT touch screen!

Audio Visualization

FPGA based Real Piano with Cyclone FOGA

1920x1080x60 video format showing the visualization of the keyboard input.

The audio analysis is performed by the audio2midi-unit of the FPGA-DSP. A Görtzel-algorithm is used to analyze the audio. Simultaneously it is monitored at an analog oscilloscope via the built in DACs. Audio data rates of up to 192 kHz are possible! The MIDI is stored onto the SD-card and used to drive the virtual keyboard monitor.

Since the NIOS softcore is used here, several of my audio graphic algorithms could be used.

tocuch screen of neek embedded kit is used to control the piano
virtual piano input module as touch screen

FPGA based Graphical Audio Spectrum Analyser
a simple bar graph for spectrum and level display

FPGA based render graphic for  audio animation
simple render graphic as audio animation

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