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programmable real time audio visualizer



 This project realizes an universal audio and video effect device by making my graphical real time visualizer fully programmable. Unlike in the other version a AC701 is used instead of a Nexys Video in incorporate an easy Video Input too.  

Base Hardware Unit

Artix 7 FPGA board

Real Time Audio Visualizer with Xilinx AC701 and Artix 7 FPGA

Real Time Audio Visualizer Xilinx AC701

The AC701-FPGA-board is used to implement a graphical visualization of the incoming digital audio data. The board analyzes the audio data from S/PDIF or XADC.

The Audio is converted to MIDI-like information using my audio2midi transformation module. Various information from several channels are extracted in order to control the parameters of the visualizer.

Unlike I did it in the former version of the visualizer, the analysis is not performed by a FFT, but a discrete transformation of selected frequencies using optimized adjustable filters, which is more precise and reacts quicker on level changes. The audio data is thus used to create visual effects in real time.

Alternate Graphic Output

FPGA real time rendering - fractal like structures

FPGA real time audio rendering - audio interrences

Some of the images have been created using modulo operations emulating the errors which accour when processing audio data with a) REAL and b) INTEGER data types or when using a lower resolution. The difference of the two values are rescaled and pushed to a specific colour channel related to the perticular parameter having caused the difference. See some more information about the way of processing in the related thread here in this discussion platform

See a Youtube Video here dynamic error calculation



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