advanced audio recording
Here, you will find information about my FPGA-based Audio Processor. It is based on a matrix of Altera Cyclone FPGAs containing a full set of DSP functions interconnected with a route matrix at 16 x 192kHz.


Attention:  This system is not for sale!

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click here, to listen to an early production with the audio workstation:

 Synthesizers Arpeggiator Patterns

 Vintage Organ Emulation

Former Version of the Workstation (96kHz only)

self built matrix of up to 8 x 8 FPGAs
internal 48 Bit accuracy
true 24.5 Bit analoge accuracy
8 x 2 digital inputs
S/PDIF optical / coax
16 digital internal returns
8 x 8 external route matrix
4 digital aux send internals
4 digital direct out
4 x 4 digital bus out
4 x 2 digital synch out
2 x word clock in / out
full analog bus mix function
full analog synthesis
8 x analog out line (planned)
2 high prec DACs @ 24 Bit (external)
256 x physical oversampling
16 x 4 internal route matrix
16x-pipelined serial EQs
16 pipelined Compressors
4 parallel multi band compressors
1 parallel master compressor
8 individual channel delays 2.55ms
REVERB RAM 65.535us @ 192k

Sound of L.A. Music Productions 2008