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Sony Philips Digital Interface for the DAW and PC

SEK'D Prodif Plus 1999

First approach 2001: Trying to get access to digital sound signals through Prodif Plus soundcard. The SEKD-Prodif Plus (Type 1999) offers both digital S/PDIF and Alesis ADAT and the data can be accessed serially.

SEK'D Prodif Plus Adapter

To sync more than one card, the Prodif-device offers a connector which can be used to get the clock from, to synch another card but also other digital interfaces. The S/PDIF data is read by a simple PLD device fo Xilinx XC3000 and sent to the workstation.

DIY-Hardware for S/PDIF

DIY S/PDIF interface


DIY S/PDIF interface

Hardware for S/PDIF (external devices)

SEK'D Prodif Plus 1999

Second approach in 2003: Use a standard digital input device from german manufacturer mindprint to get both S/PDIF and AES/EBU level signals from external studio devices. It can be synched from external sources. The data can be accessed using the internal bus easily.

An S/PDIF interface can be created in VHDL easily using existing sources: See OpenCores. Read a report and this discussion about this in Microcontroller.Net: The physical S/PDIF interfac is tweak in order to transmit the 10-Bit data für the synthesiszer boards and to transmit MIDI-Data. See Midi-over-S/PDIF.

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