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an 8 operator FM-Synthesis module in VHDL
  DSP Module

An extended VHDL-implementation of my cyclic  synthesis algorithm is used for FM-like sound synthesis in my audio synthesizer. Unlike the former version the chaining of the module is totally variable and 4 waveforms are used in the synthesis modules:

FM-Synthesis - Jürgen Schuhmacher 2006
8 FM-Modules are used in variable configurations and chain structures to emulate the various FM-MOD chains known from Yamaha-Synthesis. By configuring the individual input selectors and the output mixer up to 8x8=64 options are possible. With the Cyclone II, 512 voices can be produced with 96kHz sampling frequency (1024 @ 48kHz).

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Cyclone II


96 kHz
Audio DSP


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