advanced audio recording
Zynq based MIDI for the drum computer
  8 channels

128 midi channels

768 kHz
Audio Generation

192 kHz
Audio DSP

Zynq / Artix 7 FPGA System

An Zynq board with Artix FPGA is used to interface MIDI USB to my drum computer and the pyratone synthesizer workstation. So mouse and keyboard are available for graphics and synthesis control and also MIDI-controllers with USB-output can attached.

The USB-System changes incoming data to the fast midi standard the pyratone system is using,
See the MIDI 2000 page for details about my MIDI protocol.

Construction Details

For the data flow and interconnection see my new site www.pyratone.de

See the current version of the drum computer in VHDL here:
Artix 7 - Drum Computer with virtual console



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