advanced audio recording

The index of the articles of this web site has been removed for certain reasons. Read about one of them here.

Another point is, that too many people downloaded the complete content of the web with download tool, which does not really make sense to me at all and only wastes my download budget. Therefore only a limited number of articles is linked at the same point of time. The list changes from time to time.
Here is a list of the mostly addressed pages and some older pages from the former web site. More can be found via google.

Sound Source Localisation with DSP

A Virtual Analog Synthesizer in VHDL based on virtual modeling synthesis

Silencing a Mixing Room by Echo Cancelling

MIDI resolution limiting knob response with VA-synthesizers

A test circuit for Jitter meassurement in audio systems

Smoothed Frequency Shifting with sub sample time delay insertion

Optimizing a Mixing Room by Active Diffusion

Enhanced Techniques for Pulse Density Modulation

FPGA Synthesizer in VHDL with 1024 voices

A modular electronical ORGAN based on PLDs

Smooth window equations for low DSP-usage

Digital upsampling of Audio Signals

Optimizing a Mixing Room by Active Diffusion

Alternating Binary Frequency Diffusers

Acoustic Absorbers in a box

Comparison between 48kHz and 384kHz for audio recording

enhanced MIDI protocol for higher transmission rates

Quadratic and Cubic residue diffusers

Microphone pattern emulation with Decca Omnis

Analog Oscillators replaced by Digital Circuits

Mosaic Diffusor Concepts


A virtual analog oscillator in a FPGA

Alternating Prime Number Diffusers

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