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Comparison of Cubic and Quadratic residue diffusers

In modern studio design diffusers are used to smooth the sound environment. Next the common diffusers using the QRD-Shape we showed also a different equation using the CRD-Shape.

Two Equations for Diffuser

The subsequent image shows a common QRD-Design. It is fully symmetrical and uses 6 of 11 possible values. This design should be appropriate for small diffusers used in the rear position of a sound studio to maintain symmetry.

acoustic diffusers using quadratic residue equations with 11 wells



The subsequent image shows a newly invented CRD-Design. It is not fully symmetrical but uses all 11 values. This design can be used at the side walls of a room. It should be doubled and mirrored when used at the rear.

acoustic diffusers using cubic resdual equations with 11 wells



Conclusion and Summary

 Cubic equations can be used to obtain an alternative kind of sound diffusers.


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