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A proposal for a modern studio design.


The Zero Reflection Recording Room - is it really possible ?

For years people have been searching for the ideal place to do their recordings and mixing. The most important issue are the reflections, introduced by the walls, the floor and the ceiling. See the image below to get an impression about the possible reflections in a standard square room:


Animation of room reflections in music studio


To eliminate to reflections theoretically it should be possible to direct them into sound traps, where the energy is absorbed by damping. The image below shows a proposal how to do this in detail:


Ideal Studio with non reflections

This concept has been developed already 5 years ago and initially realized in a former recording studio. The concept bases on a mixture of diffusion and refraction with super imposed waves especially in the bass region.

An optimized concept with more bass diffusion and less coherent reflection is shown in the image below:

Design a an ideal Studio with non reflections

The cells have more differing size now and are filled with material with different damping properties. Also the directors have not the same thickness. Additionally one can find diffusors for higher frequencies and absorbers for direct response suppression.


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