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Quadratic residue diffuser with variant frequency

In modern studio design acoustic diffusers are used to control wall reflections and create a smoothed sound environment. QRDs are designed for one frequency which might be suspicious for some users. Therefore I though about a design which uses 2 frequencies. It's shape morphs in between two possible sizes:

Cinema 4D Model of an acoustic diffuser with two different sizes
Acoustic diffuser with two different element sizes. Depth and height change according to frequency / period definition.

QRD - Double Architecture

Two of these designs might by joined to get a symmetric design:

Acoustic diffusers with two different sizes 

Quadratic residue diffuser using 2 size definitions in complementary orientation.


wall of acoustic diffusers with two different sizes

Several diffusers of this shape joined to get a complete wall


You are encouraged to use the designs for private use.

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