advanced audio recording

D E A R   V I S I T O R S  :

A new year has come, and I am about to launch my page.Yes, it is just a technology related site, and there is absolutely no sex (except from the nice voice files). Furthermore there are no popups, no hidden dialers and there is no adult check and nothing to pay and also nothing to earn for anybody. It is just one of the decreasing numbers of free sites, offering information from one of the very early internet phreaks.

Well, this site ist related to audio recording. For the very first, I do want to help to clarify one of the biggest questions of modern audio recording :


Starting from the next week on, I will present some tracks produced together with among others a german opera soprano voice. Sound engineers, music experts as well as hobbyists are encouraged, to decide, which track does sounds more natural or simply more meets your personal taste. You will have the chance to listen to two tracks per test and simply do a direct comparison. Than please use our contact form and tell us the result and something about you. You do not need to pass on any details, just your profession and maybe an e-mail adress. A possible rmessage might look like this here:

"A better than B, because more clear, D is better than C, because less harsch" Jorge Campino, sound technician, mexico state,  no email provided
"B better than A, because more powerful, C nearly equal to D, can't decide."  Fred F. (noname provided),  recording engineer, USA,   fred@providerX.com"


T H E   S O U N D  F I L E S :

Here are the sound files, provided as WAV (16Bit, 44kHz). The recording has been done using a current ADC-device of german mindprint which I consider to be very clean. You might compare the two refering tracks simultaneously by opening them as dual mono, and fade the loudness of your headphone. You will also find interesting stereo effects doing so.

End Test Number Song Name Track Name Wave-File Downloads Votes
Feb 25,  2004 1. (A or B) Mozart A track1a.wav 0 0
B track1b.wav
Feb 25,  2004 2. (C or D) Schumann C track1c.wav 0 0
D track1d.wav

T H E   R E S U L T S :

 These are the tested microphones. The results will be updated regularly. The manufacturer and the microphone type will not be listed together with the results or comments until the test is finished. As soon as results are reported, the loadable sound files will change and so will the track naming. To create a new test, I intend to simply take some other seconds of the track.

manufacturer microphone type used characteristics diaphragm list  price results
AKG C 391 B mounted cardioid small € 299,- test1_res_akg391.html
AKG C 4000 switched cardioid large € 499,- ..
Audiotechnica 4035 fixed cardioid large € 349,- ..
Audiotechnica 4047 switched Cardioid large € 529,- ..
Neumann KM 184 fixed cardioid small € 699,- ..
Neumann TLM 193 fixed Cardioid small € 1099,- ..
Haun MBC 440 fixed cardioid small € 399,- test1_res_mbho410.html
Haun MBC 603 mounted cardioid small € 599,- test1_res_mbho603.html